"Vivid Storytelling" is a logical approach for fellow professional photographers on the hunt to find and embrace their Intuitive Spark. #inSPARK

Intuitive SPARK = inner voice, heart, being, spirit, soul, feeling, artist-ness, core, gut, intuition, vision, voice, eye, prospective... or other utterances that sum up this hard to define internal origin of photography.

  • WHAT?


    Tell it like it is…
    Vivid Storytelling is an approach designed for Professional Photographers who have the ovaries (or balls) to admit they got a little (or a lot) caught up in the career, gear, & “right way” of photography…and as a result, have an under-developed “Intuitive Spark”.

    // Be BRAVE. // Vivid Storytelling Part 1 establishes a logical framework and provides practical suggestions to recognize and embrace the hard to talk about woo-woo origin of photography. //

    // Be TRUE. // Vivid Storytelling Part 2 explores a framework and method of Integrating Intuitive Spark into an established Photography Career. //

    // Stay MOTIVATED. // Intuitive Spark Podcast hones in on a very specific topic each week, designed to strengthen & challenge what you SEE.



    Vivid Storytelling Part 1: Birds & Bees
    (a one week e-workshop)

    Birds & Bees of photography…because sometimes we all need to remember where photography really comes from. A positively curious approach to recognize & embrace your Intuitive Spark. Explore making photographs with “Intuitive Spark vs Brain”. (Do you remember your very first photograph, the one that started you down this path?) #talkSPARK

    // HEED: Fun, positive & supportive! (sorry no critiques allowed due to the fact that we are already so frickin’ hard on ourselves) // CHALLENGE…I double dog dare you to share your “first” photograph!! //



    Vivid Storytelling Part 2: Career & Spark
    (a one week e-workshop)

    A logical approach to intuitive photography. Explore a practical framework that allows you to naturally integrate your Intuitive Spark with your established photography career/business. Camera Knowledge + Business Savvy + An Aware Intuitive Spark = Passionately Created Compelling Photographs. #vividSPARK

    Vivid Storytelling Part 1



    Intuitive Spark Podcast:
    one topic at a time

    (a weekly podcast)

    This podcast is perfect for those determined to set aside time to develop their Intuitive Spark. Each podcast is designed to challenge the way we SEE. Deepen our awareness & observational skills. Excersice your creativity by reawaking your sense of wonder and curiosity. Practical approaches to quiet your brain allowing you to create photographs with Intuitive Spark. #huntSPARK

    Vivid Storytelling Part 1

    // WARNING for Podcast Listeners: Each week you will be intentionally making an UGLY photograph!!! // Be REAL. // Perfecting any skill is a bit messy. //

Library // Podcasts, "how to" videos, and other stuff will be posted here.

  • Audra’s Story

  • Goal & First Assignment

@SeeAudraRun // fellow professional photographer // expresses her everyday musings of the funny, ironic, & true parts of juggling a photography career, family, & being an everyday human.


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    Vivid Storytelling Intuitive Photography “how it all started”


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    We get caught up in our technology and our photography business early, just after discovering our love for photography…we loose our guiding Intuitive Spark in the shuffle.  In order to photograph beyond “beautiful photos” we need to tap into the deepest part of us…to allow ourselves to respond…we need to deepen our observation, deepen our curiosity, and explore with eyes that desire to see. Embrace and be proud of your unique style!

    1) remember wonder & curiosity
    2) decide to rekindle & strengthen it
    3) make a conscious choice to observe more openly

    (****spoiler****)Our First Assignment:  Share your “first” photograph.  This will give you a head start to search through those boxes of photographic memory lane. While you are pawing through the stacks, set aside any photographs that stir you (even if they are not “good”) be brave ;)


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    I, @SeeAudraRun , have an under-developed Intuitive Spark.  This approach saved me from Photography BURN OUT and re-ignited my passion, curiosity and sense of wonder.

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